Milky Way

NaRaYa T FoX

IHDS Certified Human Design Guide & Analyst-in-Training

I Support & Empower others to move beyond their past, align with their true nature & live ON purpose.

I take a holistic approach to every aspect of life, including healing & self-mastery. Using integrative therapies, techniques and energetic tools, I support others on their self-healing journey by sharing practical tips & tools on how to align to Self by releasing limiting beliefs & patterns. This allows ease for them to replace previous conditioning with their true narrative, facilitating them to align to their true Self and Live On Purpose. Sharing from my collection of experimental observations & the Human Design System, I  provide practical approaches to healing & inner growth.

My well of inspiration includes pluralistic, multicultural, gnostic and non-dogmatic approaches to inner growth and spirituality. I integrate a variety of religious and spiritual paths into my Quantum Healing work, including Western, Eastern and Middle Eastern traditions. Pulling inspiration from Human Design, along with utilizing natural methods of expanded states of perception and cutting-edge consciousness research, I synthesize a unique approach, customized specifically for each client. 

My greatest asset to you as a guide/healer, resides in the truth of me being me. I’ve spent years embracing & learning to love my authentic Self.  This has honed my frequency to what it was designed to resonate at. My form broadcasts a specific frequency that calls out to those that can benefit from working with me. This resonance is felt at a cellular level & is designed to call out to us so we find those that are correct for us.

No certification can duplicate my personal flavor of  genius. However, as a 1st line profile, I deeply investigate all that pulls my focus, so I understand the need to build & seek the support of a solid foundation. Therefore, I have shared a sample of my qualifications below. 

Licenses, Certifications & Qualifications

IHDS Certified Human Design Guide & Analyst Student-in-Training, Licensed Massage Therapist, Quantum Healer, Certified Hypnotist, Past Life Regression Hypnotist, Reiki Master/Teacher, NLP Practitioner/Trainer, Astrologer, Life Coach, Holistic Health Advocate, Registered Yoga Teacher (200 RYT) & HomeSchool Enabler of 14+ years. 

Take what you need, leave what you don't.

With Laughter,



Empowerment unfolds organically when you travel on the path to self-healing. Gain the clarity and confidence to align and consciously create your life.


Take control of the opportunity to re-ignite your passions. Allow yourself to heal while learning new skills & cultivating Self- Awareness.


Discover your true purpose & activate peace, satisfaction, success or surprise as you learn to love yourself. It’s time to step into the now. Are you ready?


By burning the way to our shadows, exposing them to light, we align & become powerful Self-Healers. It is through this transformation that true growth occurs.

Align to Your Design & Live...

ON Purpose

Join me on the path to true empowerment, one breath at a time!